How to Drive Immediate Social Media Engagement With Your Content

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Driving social media engagement is a priority for most business owners; however, knowing how to spark these online conversations and motivate your audience to take action is not always easy.

How many times have you shared content on Facebook that you thought would get your online followers buzzing, but ended up being less than impressed with the results?

How is it that brands like Disney and Coca-Cola seem to dominate social media engagement?

It isn’t necessarily that they happen to be two of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Instead, they are embracing social media tactics that have proven to capture an audience’s attention and ignite conversation.

If you are looking to immediately get more action with your social media posts, here are several valuable social media engagement tips that you need to begin using today:

Spread the word by tagging a friend.

If someone tags you in a social media post, you’re likely to respond in some way, right?

A great example of a brand that has done this well is Celebrate Relaxed Hair.

In a recent social media post, Celebrate Relaxed Hair asked its Instagram followers to tag someone that gives them #Hairspiration.

Followers quickly jumped on board with this and tagged friends to pay them a compliment.

Not only did this tactic spark engagement, but it allowed Instagram folks that may not have already been following Celebrate Relaxed Hair to engage with the brand.

Give your fans a glimpse of your business from behind the scenes.

We’re living in a highly digitalized world, which means that you may not always be able to have face-to-face encounters with customers.

Since people like to do business with people, social media is the perfect medium for humanizing your brand.

An effective way to deepen this connection is to occasionally share some behind-the-scenes images that show what your business is really all about.

For example…

…if you’re up before dawn to accept a shipment at your warehouse of a new product that you will soon be introducing to the market, you could share an image of the shipment’s arrival to build excitement.

Behind-the-scene images are a great way to show that you are passionate about what you do, and passion really has a way of driving social media engagement.

Host a social media contest with free giveaways.

Everyone wants something for free, and hosting a social media contest with a free prize to the winner is a powerful way to get engagement going.

The most successful social media contests relate to your business and include a giveaway that is tied to your business as well.

Stella & Dot is an example of a brand that executes Facebook for small business extremely well.

Occasionally, Stella & Dot will host a social media contest and will offer its free boutique jewelry to the lucky winner.

The fans on this company’s Facebook page are already ga-ga for this stylish jewelry, so the grand prize is great incentive to engage and participate in the contest.

While these 3 tactics are sure to drive immediate social media engagement for your posts, you’ll also want to make sure to read our list of 21 tips to create memorable content.

It’s no secret that being memorable with your audience sparks social media engagement.

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