Twitter for Business: How to Write a Tweet That Sparks Engagement

Anyone that uses Twitter for business marketing knows that they have a lot of content to compete with.

According to the latest Twitter stats, there are more than 255 million active users on Twitter that create more than 500 million tweets on a daily basis.

As a business that wants to be able to successfully reach its audience on Twitter and spark engagement, how can you help your tweets stand out?

Being strategic in the way that your write your tweets can help your content to pop, draw in your audience, and inspire  your followers to engage.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of how to write a tweet to help you to be most effective with your Twitter marketing efforts:

Optimal Tweet Length

Yes, you can use up to 140 characters in your tweets; however, research has indicated that 100 characters is the sweet spot for the length of tweets.

This is because a tweet that is approximately 100 characters is long enough to convey a message, but also leaves enough room for a person retweeting your content to add their own commentary.

Include a Call-To-Action

Including words that inspire your audience to take some type of action is one of the oldest tricks in the book for sparking engagement.

Tweets that simply ask the audience to retweet the content receive 12x higher retweet rates.

Other effective call-to-actions to include in your tweets are asking for a download, asking for a follow, and asking for a reply.

Keep Your Tweets Relevant

Ideally, you should be following people relevant to your business–customers, strategic partners, colleagues, influencers, and even competitors.

With this in mind, those that know how to write a tweet effectively will only share content that pertains to the industry and common interests of your business and followers.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to categorize your content and make it easily searchable.

However, make a point to use no more than 3 hashtags in a tweet, and find a way to incorporate them into your tweets naturally.

Add Images and Video to Your Tweets

Research indicates that incorporating image or video content into your tweets can double your engagement with followers.

If possible, be sure to add them.

Use Popular ReTweetable Words and Phrases in Your Tweets

According to a study conducted by Buffer, the top 10 most retweetable words and phrases include “you,” “Twitter,” please,” “retweet,” “post,” “blog,” “social,” “free,” “media,” and “help.”

You’ll notice that several of these are imperative words that ask the user to take some type of action.

Use Action Verbs

This ties back to what we said about including calls-to-action in your tweets to ask your followers to engage in some way.

Using action verbs in your tweets is far more effective than adverbs, adjectives, and nouns, so choose wisely.

If you want to get your tweets shared, you need to make this message very clear with the language that you use.

If you would like to learn more about how to write a tweet or our social media marketing services, please contact us at LYFE Marketing.