31 Days of Social Media Content (A Social Media Agency Tale)

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It’s the start of a new year, and everyone around you is setting goals for a successful 2020.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re looking to beef up your social media marketing strategy in the coming year.

One of the biggest challenges that business owners face in regards to social media is coming up with engaging and compelling content ideas.

If you can relate, we invite you to take try our 31 Days of Social Media calendar.

Outlined below are 31 days of content ideas to share on social media.

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We’ll also share with you why each of these content ideas works and expert tips for implementing them:

Day 1: Inspirational Quote

True or true? A little motivation as we get through the hump this week.

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Sharing an inspirational quote on social media is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience.


Inspirational quotes are universally appealing and easy for people to relate to; especially during the beggining of a new month.

As a result, they tend to earn more “likes” and shares than other types of content.

Expert Tip: Our social media agency suggests taking advantage of tools like Pablo, from Buffer, to create your own aesthetically-pleasing inspirational quotes to share on social media.

Day 2: Go Behind-the-scenes

People like doing business with other people.

By sharing a personal picture of yourself and/or your team, you are helping to humanize your brand and will remind your audience that there is a person behind your business.

Expert Tip: Capture your team in the midst of working, show your process, or give a sneak peek inside a meeting.

Day 3: Promote a special offer exclusive to your social audience

social media content ideas

Monetize your presence by promoting a special offer to your social media fans and followers.

By making it exclusive to your social media channels you will create a good reason for people to feel like they have to follow you.

Expert Tip: Create a landing page on your website specifically for the traffic coming from your social media offer. The more relevant the landing page is to your offer, the more effective you’ll be with converting visitors.

Day 4: Offer a Freebie Download

Have you written a whitepaper or ebook recently?

Include a link for a free download of this content on social media.

Expert Tip: Our social media agency advises to always collect important contact information from visitors in exchange for the free download of content.

Day 5: Share a Short Video

Video is a very effective way to capture your audience’s attention, and with resources such as 6-second Vine videos and 15-second Instagram videos, it’s never been easier to create and share video on social media.

Expert Tip: Use video to show your audience how to do something relevant to your brand. This is an easy way to jump into creating and sharing video content, and your audience will appreciate the value it offers.

Day 6: Share a Useful Tip

An #Instagram tip to get you going this week. Let’s crush it! #socialmedia #marketing #didyouknow

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People love educational content, and sharing a useful tip–such as how to use your product–will go over well with your audience.

Expert Tip: Consider using video to share a useful tip with your audience. Not only will video help to captivate your audience, but it will make it easy for your followers to digest the content as well.

Day 7: Create a Long Post

Many expert bloggers agree that the optimal post length is between 500 and 600 words.

However, you can make your content stand out by occasionally throwing in a longer blog post (approximately 1200 words).

That’s how your provide value.

Expert Tip: Use a long blog post as an opportunity to share an engaging story or personal experience that is relevant to your brand.

Day 8: Answer a Question

Use a status update to address a popular question that you hear frequently from your customers.

Expert Tip: Ask your audience to add any questions they have surrounding the subject in your comments thread. Be like a social media agency and take advantage of monitoring tools to alert you of new comments or mentions.

Day 9: Ask a Question

Asking an open-ended question is a great way to get a conversation started online.

Expert Tip: Proactively monitor the conversation thread to respond to comments in a timely manner and keep the discussion going.

Day 10: Share a Throwback Image

Take your audience back in time with a old picture. The picture can be as old as the start of your business or as new as last month.

Expert Tip: Take advantage of the filters on Instagram to enhance your image to near-professional quality.

Day 11: Share a Quick Helpful Tip

Want more likes? Photos with no filter receive the most. #socialmedia #marketing #tips #instagram #success

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Social media is a great forum for sharing quick snippets of advice or helpful tips.

Expert Tip: Keep your quick tip brief and include a link to your website for people that want to learn more.

Day 12: Opt In Offer

Give your audience a convincing reason to want to signup to receive your emails and/or newsletters.

Expert Tip: Offer immediate value to those to choose to opt-in to receive your emails as they’ll be more likely to subscribe.

Day 13: Client Case-study

Recommendations help drive sales.

Help your audience believe your product or service is for them by showcasing others like them who have used your product or services and have been satisfied.

Expert Tip: Be sure to speak to your customer’s pain points and clearly show how your business solves their problem.

Day 14: Share Other People’s Content

Some of the best advice you’ll hear from a social media agency is to occasionally return the favor for a retweet by sharing someone else’s content.

Expert Tip: When sharing someone else’s content, consider offering your own perspective instead of simply sharing a link to the content.

Day 15: Fill In The Blank

This is a strategy implemented by many as it’s a great way to spark engagement.

Expert Tip: Try an industry-related fill-in-the-blank post, especially if you have already built a strong group of brand advocates.

Day 16: Share Your Favorite Tool(s)

Sharing your favorite tool, resource, or website is a great way to deliver immediate value to your audience.

Expert Tip: Be sure to convey to your audience how that tool or resource will help and be beneficial.

Day 17: Promote Your Business

Keep in mind the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your content should be interesting/shareable while 20 percent can be about your brand.

Expert Tip: Use a persuasive CTA that invites your audience to learn more about your brand.

Day 18: Text Quote

Our social media agency made you aware of some great resources to use to create an aesthetically-pleasing inspirational quote on day 1 of this challenge.

However, on this day, simply share a basic text quote on social media.

Expert Tip: Be sure to properly give credit to the source, if you do not create it yourslef.

Day 19: Testimonial

Customer testimonials offer third-party validation that your brand is credible and trusted.

Expert Tip: Create a brief video testimonial for a more engaging way to share this powerful content.

Day 20: Share a Link to a Blog Post

This creates tremendous awareness that your business has a blog.

Expert Tip: Include a CTA that invites people to signup to receive more of your valuable content in their email inboxes.

Day 21: Cross Promote Another Social Profile of Yours

If you’re active on multiple social media platforms, a social media agency trick is to cross promote your other social profiles.

Expert Tip: Include social links to your other social media profiles in the “about” sections of each social media page that you have.

Day 22: Share Your Story

People love to hear the background of your brand’s story as it helps to foster a deeper connection.

Expert Tip: Tell your brand’s story in your own unique voice. Highlight your employees.  Share behind-the-scenes images.

Day 23: Share an Infographic

Use a visually-pleasing infographic to simply content and make it easy to digest.

Expert Tip: Infographics, unfortunately, don’t format well on Facebook, but you can still take a snapshot of the most compelling part of your infographic and include a link to your full infographic.

Day 24: Offer Free Video Tutorial

Share a free “how to” video for using one of your products.

Expert Tip: Include a CTA button on your video to drive traffic to your site.

Day 25: Thank Your Fans

Our social media agency feels it’s extremely important to make your fans feel valued and appreciated.

Expert Tip: Thank your fans with an exclusive one-day discount.

Day 26: Share Breaking Industry News

This can help to position your business as the go-to industry resource.

Expert Tip: Be sure to clearly reference your news source.

Day 27: Share a Fun Fact About Your Business

These lighter social media posts can help to make your brand more likable and relatable.

Expert Tip: Invite your online fans to share a fun fact about themselves.

Day 28: Showcase Your Products or Services

Again, keep in mind the 80/20 rule about sharing social media content as you don’t want to turn you audience off.

Expert Tip: Clearly show how your product or service will benefit your audience.

Day 29: Motivational Quote

Motivate your fans to want to learn more about your business and/or industry.

Expert Tip: Share a motivational quote, graphic, or story to help fuel the fire for your brand.

Day 30: Discuss Trending News

Get your brand involved in conversations relevant to your brand that are generating a lot of hype on social media.

Expert Tip: Search trending hashtags to find stories relevant to your business.

Day 31: Share a Free Resource

Share a helpful checklist or tip sheet that will offer value to your fans.

Expert Tip: Be sure to always give proper credit to the free resource if you did not create it.

Give this 31 day social media calendar a try and let our social media agency know your results!

Our social media agency frequently uses our blog to share helpful advice to business owners looking to successfully grow their online presences.

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