3 Psychological Triggers Social Media Agencies Use to Boost Engagement

Are you happy with the level of engagement that you are getting with your social media posts?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Focusing on engagement is one of the most effective ways to get results with your social media marketing efforts.

Even if you aren’t a social media agency, you know that in order to get engagement with your social media posts, you need to trigger some type of action from your audience.

There are 3 key psychological triggers that engage an audience: desire, educational appeal, and fear.

Let’s take a look at each of these triggers and discuss how a social media agency would incorporate them into posts to boost engagement:

1. Create Desire

If you can make your audience believe that they can do something, you will create a sense of desire in them to want to give it a try.

And the more you can simplify your content, the more likely your audience will take action.

Feel free to incorporate the word “want” into your social media posts to create desire.

This word will help to psychologically make your social media followers want what you are talking about for themselves.

Break down content into easy-to-digest chunks of information so that the message is very clear to your audience.

Then, present your social media content in a conversational way so that your audience feels as though they are talking to a real person versus just a brand.

2. Provide Educational Appeal

Most people turn to social media for information.

And in addition to information, people want an explanation.

This is probably the biggest reason that “why” has become such a powerful word used in social media marketing.

Our social media agency recommends that you create content with the focus being why your audience needs your product or service.

Your social media posts should include some convincing reasons why your audience would benefit from what you are offering and how they can get it.

3. Tap Into the Fear of Missing Out

No one wants to feel left out–it’s human nature to want to be included.

Any good social media agency would suggest that you constantly find ways to include your audience in your social media posts and give them plenty of opportunities to participate in the conversation.

By making your audience feel included with your social media posts, they will feel more of a personal connection to your brand, helping to create loyalty and a sense of ownership.

The content that you share and involve your audience in on social media should be value-added so that your audience can’t help but take part in the conversation.

The most successful brands on social media are embracing theses 3 psychological triggers and using them to their advantage in their social media posts.

Give these tactics a try for an immediate boost in engagement with your own social media posts.

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