15 Social Media Marketing Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter

While Twitter is a fantastic way to promote your brand online, it’s also a powerful way to gain valuable knowledge and insight from industry leaders and influencers.

Many SMB owners wonder who they should be following on Twitter, and many make the mistake of following too many people.

As a rule of thumb, the people that you should follow on Twitter include industry leaders, local news outlets, customers, business colleagues, and influencers.

For those that want to proactively enhance their social media marketing skills, choosing to follow a social media marketing expert on Twitter is also a smart move.

To help you best choose which social media marketing expert to follow, here 15 notable experts in this field to check out on Twitter:

1. Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner

While this guy will blowup your newsfeed, you’ll appreciate the valuable nuggets of social media related information he shares from his podcasts, blog posts, and conferences.

2. Mark Schaefer, Author of {grow} blog

If you can’t trust the advice from someone that wrote an entire book on social media marketing (make a note to read Social Media Explained), we don’t know which social media expert you could trust!

3. Jason Falls, Senior Vice President of Elasticity Agency

Jason Falls leads strategy for a digital marketing agency, and his social media expertise is obvious through his writing, speaking, consulting, and successful campaign-running.

4. Dan Zarrella, Social Media Marketing Expert at Hubspot

Even if you are just getting your feet wet with social media marketing, you have undoubtedly heard of this award winning author. He is, after all, the social media scientist.

5. Pam Dyer, Founder of Pamorama

Women business entrepreneurs will appreciate knowing that this expert made the list of the Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers.

6. Eve Mayer, LinkedIn Queen and CEO of Social Media Delivered

Want to step up your LinkedIn game? You need to follow Eve Mayer on Twitter for her insight and powerful LinkedIn marketing tips.

7. David Meerman Scott, Author and Key Note Speaker

David is not just a social media marketing expert, but also turns to Twitter to deliver cutting-edge advice on how to enhance your social, PR, and sales strategy.

8. Brian Carter, Author of The Cowbell Principle

Brian could very well have been THE first social media marketing expert, which is why when he has something to say on Twitter, you want to listen up.

9. Mari Smith, World-Renowned Social Media Marketing Expert

Entrepreneurs from around the world choose to follow Mari Smith on Twitter for her unique insight and expertise in the industry. Another perk? She is one of the few that really shows the love for those that engage with her tweets.

10. Marsha Collier, Esteemed Author

Marsha has written a total of 48 books about social media marketing and e-commerce. Therefore, she has a thing or two to say about dominating this area.

11. Scott Stratten, UnEverything

This guy has mastered the art of UnSelling and even UnPodcasting. Follow him to learn more about his unique approach to social media marketing.

12. Ann Tran, Luxury Travel and Social Media Marketing Influencer

People not only choose to follow Ann to hear about her fabulous adventures, but they also want to learn her social media marketing knowledge gained along the way.

13. Dave Peck, Head of Digital and Social at PayPal

There is a reason why Dave has become a powerhouse at PayPal and is well-respected by entrepreneurs globally: he’s known for tweeting awesome nuggets of useful information on a regular basis.

14. Pam Moore, Marketer Extraordinaire

This woman is passionate about social media marketing, and if you choose to follow her on Twitter, you’ll find that her passion is contagious.

15. Sarah Evans, Respected Digital Correspondant

Sarah has built her on agency by establishing herself as a trusted correspondent for well-known companies like PayPal and Cisco.

Take a moment to check some of these social media marketing expert celebrities out on Twitter. At the very least, you’ll learn some valuable tips that could help you with your own online branding strategy.

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