11 Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Life in 2015

Amazingly, being an entrepreneur can be an exciting, scary, stressful, rewarding, and daunting experience all at the same time.

What makes being an entrepreneur different today than in the pre-digital world is that you have access to a number of online resources to help you through the challenges that you may be facing, most notably entrepreneur blogs.

Here are 11 life-changing entrepreneur blogs that you need to follow in 2015:

1. Gene Marks

This guy is known to many as The Small Business Expert, and his blog covers a variety of topics that are pertinent to the small business owner.

You can also check out his New York Times blog, which is a place where he discusses how current political, economic, technological, and financial trends are making an impact on business management.

2. Escape From Cubicle Nation

Pamela Slim is the woman behind this blog, and she writes about breaking away from Corporate America and starting your own business.

This is a dream that so many people have, and Pamela Slim’s inspirational content can help to take your aspiration to the next level.

This is one of the most followed career and marketing blogs on the internet.

3. Seth Godin

Not only has Seth Godin authored 18 books about marketing and navigating the business world, but he also maintains one of the best entrepreneur blogs on the web.

On his blog, you can find anything from little nuggets of inspiration to tips for boosting productivity in the workplace.

4. Blogtrepreneur

Matthew & Adam Toren run Blogtrepreneur.

Most topics relate to business development, start-up advice, entrepreneurial tips, and more.

Blogtrepreneur also provides free resources and eBooks – take a look.

5. Entrepreneurs-Journey

If you have any interest whatsoever in entrepreneurship, online marketing, selling via the internet, or blogging, you need to read this blog.

Yaro Starak is the man behind this blog, and he has earned a successful reputation as an entrepreneur through his proven business model of starting a blog, growing his email list, and selling online.

6. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we can all relate to making some frugal decisions to keep costs low.

However, the author of this blog, Michael Michaolwicz, tells his story about how at the age of 24 he lived with his family in the safest place that he could afford–a retirement center–and grew his incredibly successful technology business while sleeping in conference rooms instead of paying for hotels.

This blog reminds us that just because cash isn’t flowing like wine doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful.

7. Duct Tape Marketing

By following this blog, you’ll hear powerful advice from author John Jantsch, a marketer and award-winning social media publisher.

He is the man behind the famous Duct Tape Marketing System, which is used to train and license marketing consultants worldwide.

8. Young Entrepreneur Blog

If you’re a younger entrepreneur, you’ll want to check this blog out as it offers a relatable perspective of what it’s like to be young and running your own business.

This blog is a great resource not only for entrepreneurs, but for aspiring mentors and investors.

9. Small Business Trends

This blog is written by an entrepreneur and lawyer, Anita Campbell, and readers benefit from her wealth of knowledge in a number of areas that impact business management, such as banking, IT, HR, and marketing.

10. Under30CEO

This is another great blog to read for young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Read this blog to get start-up advice, hear interviews from entrepreneurs and their challenges/success stories, and much more.

11. How to Change the World

This blog is written by Guy Kawasaki, a former Apple employee and entrepreneur of several successful online ventures.

A number of valuable lessons can be learned just by tuning into this blog.

12. And of course, LYFE Marketing

The LYFE Marketing blog is great resource for businesses to learn how to use social media to grow their customer base.

We often give step-by-step instructions detailing the exact strategies we have used to build the social media brands of over 200 companies – a tried and true process.

So this list of entrepreneur blogs should definitely keep you busy.

Whether you choose to follow one of these entrepreneur blogs or already have some that you frequently refer to, it’s important to know that you can tap into these resources to continue to improve your business and self.

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