How to Use Retargeting to Get a Better ROI from Facebook Marketing

We’ve used our blog to talk a little bit about retargeting and how you can use it to give your conversions from social media marketing a boost.

Let’s talk more about retargeting, though, specifically in regards to Facebook.

So what exactly is Facebook retargeting?

Have you ever researched a product on Amazon and then noticed an ad for it later on Facebook?

This is a perfect example of retargeting.

Amazon placed a small, unobtrusive piece of Facebook code on its website. This code drops an anonymous browser cookie for each Amazon visitor, which allows Amazon to target people that have previously visited its website.

Why is our Facebook marketing company recommending that you use retargeting?

Think of all of the people that visit your website, but don’t make a purchase during the first visit.

They just disappear.

In fact, statistically, 95% of the people who visit your site will NOT convert on the first visit.

However, with retargeting, you have a second chance to convert those visitors.

Since you’ve already attracted these visitors to your website, you know that they are interested in your business.

You can serve these visitors ads that address their needs, which will help to stay in front of these prospects and earn more conversions.

How do you setup retargeting on Facebook?

The Facebook ad manager tool makes it extremely easy for your business to take advantage of retargeting.

Start by opening up your ads manager in Facebook.

Then do the following:

1. Click on the “tools” button at the top and from there, “audiences”.

2. Click the blue blox titled “ceate audience” and then choose “custom audience.”

3. You will then be presented with several options to create your custom audience. For retargeting your website visitors, you’ll want to click the “website traffic” option and further specify the segmentation that best fits your needs.

4. Assign a name to this custom audience, click the wheel near the bottom left and click view pixel.

5. Place this code in your websites header.

If you’re using WordPress for your small business website, you’ll want to upload the “Header and Footer” plugin to your website.

Paste the code into the header section of the┬áplugin and you’re all set to go!

6. Now, next time you run an ad on Facebook you can place your custom audience(s) in your adset to be advertised to.

How can retargeting help to boost your Facebook marketing ROI?

By taking these steps, you’ll be able to serve your ads specifically to a targeted audience that has already expressed an interest in your business because they have already taken the time to visit your website.

While the vast majority of consumers won’t make a purchase when visiting a website for the first time, retargeting enables you to stay in front of your audience.

Once your targeted consumer sees your Facebook ads, he or she may feel more compelled to convert because they have previous context with your business.

All in all, retargeting can help your business to be much more intentional with its Facebook marketing efforts, allowing you to be more effective in earning conversions.

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