How to Grow Your Facebook Following Like a Facebook Marketing Company

Facebook is the most widely used social media networking site with 74 percent of online adults choosing to use this platform.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are focused on growing their presence on Facebook.

Are you currently outsourcing social media to a Facebook marketing company?

If not, here are several useful tips to grow your Facebook following like a Facebook marketing company, both organically and with paid advertising:

Include a Facebook “like” button on your website.

Want to make it clear to your customers that your business is on Facebook?

Simply include a Facebook “like” button on your website.

Even Mcdonalds does it!

This makes it extremely easy for your audience to “like” your Facebook business page without even leaving your website.

Other good places to include a Facebook “like” button include a thank you page on your website after someone subscribes to your mailing list, completes a form, or makes a purchase.

Include a link to your Facebook business page in your Facebook personal profile.

In your personal profile, Facebook gives you the option to include information about your employer.

To do this, visit your personal “About” page and choose to edit your Work and Education information.

You then should have the option to select your Facebook business page as your workplace.

Include a link to your Facebook business page in your email signature.

A best practice that a Facebook marketing company will always recommend is to include a link to your Facebook business page in your email signature.

Check out how General Assembley places a link in their email footer.

This, of course, should be in conjunction with a link to your business’s website.

Ask your followers on other social media sites to “like” your Facebook business page.

Don’t be afraid to occasionally ask your Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections to “like” your business Facebook page.

You can host a Facebook only contest or give out Facebook exclusive content, which should help to give your fans a reason to want to follow you on Facebook as well.

Create a Facebook ad to promote your Facebook business page.

The big advantage of using paid Facebook ads is that you’re able to target your page promotion to a specific audience that you define.

For example, if you operate a sporting goods store in Atlanta that sells strictly men’s apparel, you could specify that your ad only be seen by male sports enthusiasts that live in Metro Atlanta.

Another reason why a Facebook marketing company would recommend Facebook ads is that you have the ability to target your page ads to your email list and website visitors that have not “liked” your Facebook page.

Since these people have already checked out your business, they are more likely to convert.

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