Who Does What At An Agency

You might already know that a social media agency is responsible for building online brand awareness, but who are the people behind an agency that get the job done?

Let’s take a moment to talk about the key roles inside an agency and why these team members should play a critical role in your marketing strategy:

Account Manager

This person is more or less the face of the agency as far as your business is concerned.

An account manager should be your point of contact at the agency, and he or she should have a very clear understanding of your marketplace and business.

The account manager will work very closely with the other team members within the agency to ensure that your marketing objectives are met.

New Business Director

This team member is responsible for all sales activities for the agency.

A successful new business director will have a clear plan of action for new business development, which includes prospecting, generating leads, qualifying leads, presenting, and bringing on new accounts.

Social Media Specialist

Social media has become one of the most effective channels for businesses to promote themselves on.

Unfortunately, not every business is skilled in social media, and the ability to work with a social media specialist is frequently the reason why businesses choose to outsource social media marketing to an agency.

A social media specialist will be responsible for the posting of content, reputation management, follower growth and advertising for multiple social media accounts.

In addition, he or she knows the right types of content to use to engage your audience and when to share it.

A savvy social media specialist will have a strong understanding of advertisng analytics and will regularly re-evalute your strategy for optimal results.

Web Designer

Your website is your business’s face on the internet, and its design should represent your brand well.

Understanding that your website will play a huge part in the success of your social media campaign, as most traffic is directed back to your website, agencies will keep a web designer in-house to facilitate any web design needs of a client.

Content Creator

The content creator will work closely with your account manager to identify the types of content that will be the most relevant to your audience.

This person is responsible for delivering relevant, high-quality content (images and copy) in a timely manner and within budget.

Many small business owners that choose to keep social media marketing in-house end up wearing all of these hats, which takes a considerable amount of time away from running their businesses.

If you can relate, consider outsourcing your social media marketing to an agency that is armed with a team of professionals that specialize in helping businesses successfully grow their online presences.

How much does outsourcing cost?

Read our guide to social media marketing cost to get an idea.