Website Design Services: 30 Questions You Should Ask Before You Spend a Penny

Clients seem to be caught up with two questions when it comes to website design services: how quickly can the new website be launched and how much will the project cost.

While these are two important questions, your business should really be considering all of the opportunity and potential that a website redesign can offer.

Website design services gives your business a chance to dive deeper into KPIs, your target audience, and user interface to allow your website to have enhanced functionality and serve a purpose for your business.

To get a website that truly works for your business and helps you to accomplish your goals, here are 30 website design services questions you should ask before you spend a penny:


  1. What is your motivation for wanting a new website?
  2. What is the value that your business delivers to your customers?
  3. What purpose will your website serve?
  4. Which goals and metrics will you use to determine the success of your website?


  1. Who are your top competitors?
  2. After visiting your competitors’ websites, what do you like/dislike about these sites?
  3. If redesigning your website, will it be a complete redesign (new structure and features) or just a new look for your website?
  4. What type of reporting do you want to have regarding your website’s usage and how frequently do you want this information?

Cost and Features

  1. What is your plan for marketing your new website once it is launched?
  2. Do you have a clearly defined budget for website design services?
  3. Will you need additional accessibility requirements beyond WAI-ARIA?
  4. Will your customers be accessing your website from countries that require that site pages announce they use cookies?
  5. What level of hosting will your website need?
  6. Do you occasionally have large spikes in traffic that website design services will need to plan for?
  7. Will an SSL certificate be required?
  8. Do you rely on a CRM do store important sales and customer data?
  9. Do you plan to upload video content to your website?
  10. Do you need to offer the ability for your customers to login to your website?
  11. Do you want to give your customers the ability to post reviews on your website?
  12. Do you want to incorporate a chat feature into your website’s design to assist with customer service?
  13. Do you want to offer the ability for customers to easily share content from your website?
  14. Will you be accepting payments on your website?
  15. Will you be selling anything on your website?
  16. Do you want to be able to run ads on your website?
  17. Are you planning to budget for user testing during the development and initial launch of your website?


  1. If you currently have a website, where is your traffic coming from (organic search, referrals from other websites,  social media, or email marketing)?
  2. What percentage of traffic will be coming from a mobile device?
  3. What are your top performing keywords?
  4. Will you use landing pages to collect contact information from visitors and store this data in your CRM?
  5. Who will be managing the website once it has launched?

Reading through this list of questions has likely made you think about additional questions that you will need to ask website design services before you get started with your project.

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