Veterinary Marketing Ideas: 5 Social Media Posts Pet Owners Want to See

Do you operate a veterinary clinic?

Want to create more exposure for your business?

Turn to social media!

Social media is not only a powerful tool for raising awareness of your veterinary clinic, but it’s also a great way to educate your audience, demonstrate your passion, and deepen relationships.

So which types of content seem to really resonate with pet owners on social media?

Here are 5 veterinary marketing ideas to best appeal to your audience and help your business to stand out on social media:

1. Utilize “fill in the blank” posts.

Encourage your audience to jump into the conversation by using “fill in the blank” posts with your social media updates.

Some sample “fill in the blank” posts could include “The most adorable thing my pup ever did was _______” or “My favorite place to take my dog walking around town is ______.”

2. Share mini photo galleries of specific breeds.

This is one of the most effective veterinary marketing ideas as it will appeal to the masses as well as demonstrate that you have experience working with a particularly breed.

Aren’t these Golden Retriever pups cute? It was very hard to resist climbing into the cage with them to snuggle. ????

A photo posted by Quinebaug Valley Vet Hospital (@qvvets) on

To do these mini photo galleries successfully, you could post 3 pictures of Golden Retrievers one week and 3 pictures of Jack Russells the following week.

Continue this trend by sharing mini photo galleries of different breeds and species that you work with.

Be prepared to be flooded with likes, comments, and shares!

3. Host a weekly “ask a vet” session.

People turn to social media for information, and they likely are choosing to follow your veterinary practice on social media for useful tips for pet owners.

This is why hosting a weekly “ask a vet” session is one of the smartest veterinary marketing ideas.

To be effective with this, have a standing date and time for your “ask a vet” sessions so that your audience knows when the event will take place.

Hosting a Twitter chat surrounding a dedicated hashtag for your “ask a vet” sessions makes it very easy for your audience to follow the discussion and participate in it.

4. Take advantage of Facebook polls.

People love to share their 2 cents, especially when it’s about their pet.

This is why using Facebook polls can be a powerful engagement and research tool.

Create polls to ask questions like “Where does your pet like to sleep?” and “What is your pet’s favorite treat?” to invite conversation to be more intentional with your business and services and products that you may be offering.

5. Encourage your followers to post their own photos and updates on your social media pages.

One of the greatest veterinary marketing ideas is to keep your social media pages open to accept postings from your followers.

Some business owners are skeptical to do this at it can invite the occasional negative comment from an upset customer.

However, this gives you an opportunity to address the angry customer in a professional way, which will help to build respect and trust for your business (and hopefully allow you to retain the customer too).

If you are looking for help with your veterinay marketing on social media, please contact us at LYFE Marketing.