How to Turn Facebook Fans Into Leads and Dollars

If you’ve taken the time to earn and grow a legitimate fan base on social media, you’re probably wondering how you can turn these hard-earned fans into real customers (and dollars too).

If we’re speaking specifically to Facebook, there’s actually a formula for turning your fans into real¬†customers and revenue. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Grow your Facebook fan base.

Step 2: Promote your brand on Facebook to earn valuable contact information.

Step 3: Nurture these leads to convert them to hot leads.

Step 4: Turn these hot leads into actual customers (and revenue).

So now that we’ve outlined the overall game plan for turning your online fan base into actual revenue, let’s touch on these areas in more detail.

Growing a Relevant Online Fan Base

Relevant and engaging content attracts relevant and engaging followers.

In order to build a relevant online fan base, you need to clearly understand your buyer persona(s) and post content that is relevant. 

Once you identify you buyer persona(s), you can create a list for how your target audience interacts on social media (research/education, desire discounts, etc).

Next, break these usage scenarios down into categories that are both relevant to what your ideal fan wants to see from your brand on Facebook and on-point with your business goals.

As you consider content to share on social media, make sure that it falls into one of the defined categories.

Being cognizant of this can really help you to grow a more relevant fan base on social media.

Promoting Your Brand On Social Media to Earn Contact Information

There are two very effective ways that you can go about collecting contact information from leads on social media without coming across as pushy or too promotional.

The first strategy (and most commonly used) is to create more in-depth content like blogs and e-books on topics that your audience genuinely wants to learn more about.

This gives you the opportunity to offer the content in exchange for contact information.

A second strategy is to include a sign-up form on your business’s Facebook page through popular 3rd party email apps like Mailchimp and Aweber.

Every now and then you can use a Facebook status update to remind fans to sign up to receive important industry updates from your business via email.

Be sure to make it as easy as possible for your potential lead to sign up and receive your higher value content.

Keep form fields to a minimum!

Nurturing Leads

Once a social media fan shares their contact information with you, he becomes a lead, as he has opted-in to learn more about your business.

To turn these warm leads into hot leads, continue to offer great content in the form of blogs, webinars, and eBooks that will not only educate your lead but push them down the sales funnel.

A popular strategy used to push leads down the sales funnel is the 4:1 strategy.

For every 1 piece of sales content (demo, “try our product”, etc. ), provide 4 educational pieces of content first.

Converting Leads to Customers (and Dollars)

By this point, you’ve offered extensive content to your hot leads, and they are continuing to show interest by downloading your content, watching videos, etc.

You should feel more comfortable asking for the sale, and you can do this via social media and your website by offering exclusive offers and discounts to hot leads.

While most of us like immediate gratification, it’s important to remember that to be most effective in converting your fans to customers via social media, you must be patient, strategic and view the process as a long-term strategy.

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