Student Housing Marketing Ideas: How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2016

Our team at LYFE Marketing has spent a great deal of time researching student housing marketing ideas to allow property owners and management companies to be more effective with their social media marketing efforts.

If your goals are to increase awareness of your property, earn a higher level of engagement with your content, and generate more social media conversions (sell more beds), here are 4 student housing marketing ideas to help you improve your social media marketing strategy:

1. Make Instagram an integral party of your social media marketing strategy.

We recently conducted research on 560 student housing properties throughout the country to determine the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.

While most of these properties had a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the least amount of social media spending was on Instagram.

Why does this matter?

If you research the demographics of each social media platform, you would find that Instagram is the most popular for young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

The student population falls into this age bracket, which means that your property absolutely needs to have a presence on Instagram if you really want to reach your audience.

Use Instagram to show off artsy images of your property, introduce your team, and share snapshots of exciting community events and festivals happening nearby your property.

2. Publicize an upcoming community event on social media.

Centering a community event around a desirable amenity that your property features (a pool, for instance) and promoting the event on social media is a powerful way to create awareness for your property.

Considering that most student housing properties use Facebook, you can easily create an event from your Facebook page and invite all of your fans.

Your invitees will be able to see all of their friends that are attending, and they can also share your event with the Facebook world to spread awareness.

3. Host a social media contest.

Most students are on a tight budget and love the opportunity to earn something for free.

Is there a restaurant nearby your property that is a favorite for students?

You could encourage people to tag your student housing social media accounts for the opportunity to win a free gift card to that restaurant.

The exposure that you’ll gain on social media for doing this will far outweigh the cost of the gift card.

For more social media contest ideas, be sure to read our post about how to drive immediate social media engagement with your content.

4. Take advantage of hashtags.

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can create tremendous awareness for your student housing community through the use of hashtags.

Take the time to carefully research trending hashtags that are relevant to the nearby college or university.

For example, #UT16 is a trending hashtag for the incoming freshman class at University of Texas.

Finding a way to link your message to one of these relevant, trending hashtags can help to blast your message to the thousands!

If you’re interested in learning more about our analysis of student housing social media efforts, be sure to checkout our detailed breakdown of how the student housing industry is currently using social media.

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