Social Media in August: The Big Changes You Need to Know About

Surprise, surprise. Big changes in the social media world happened in August and you need to know about these changes in order to bring your A-game to your social media marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look back:

Twitter removed the 140 character limit for direct messages.

Twitter has become famous among social media users for its brief 140 character form of communication.

However, earlier this month, Twitter announced that it was removing the 140 character cap on direct messages.

The social media network decided to do this as its the number one request they get from users.

With this change, Twitter users now have up to 10,000 characters to get their message across in a direct message.

This change will be especially beneficial for those businesses that use Twitter as a customer service tool as users can now move fluidly from a discussion of public tweets to a private place.

Instagram opened up its advertising services to businesses of all sizes.

While Instagram has offered advertising services since 2013, it was only for a select number of businesses that had significant advertising budgets.

However, seeing the tremendous success that other social media networks have had via advertising services, Instagram made the decision to open up advertising to businesses of all sizes and marketing budgets.

Everyone knew this change was coming, especially since parent company Facebook already has more than 2 million businesses that advertise on Facebook.

Instagram can now play an even bigger role in your social media marketing strategy as the site will begin expanding its targeting options similar to those offered by Facebook, making the social network an effective way to reach your target audience.

Facebook added a donate call-to-action button.

Facebook call-to-action buttons have been effective tools for businesses to use to get their fans to take the next steps.

While Facebook offers a limited number of call-to-action buttons for businesses to use, the addition of the “donate now” button was added in August.

Nonprofits will especially benefit from this new addition as Facebook is now making it easier than ever for these organizations to raise money towards a cause.

Facebook offered a limited release of live video streaming.

If you are considered to be a public figure by Facebook’s standards (actor, musician, athlete, politician, or influencer), you can now share live video via the Facebook Mentions app.

Fans have the ability to like, comment, and share the live video.

This video can also be stored for viewing at a later time for those that miss the live broadcast.

This new enhancement is not open to all businesses yet, but it’s only a matter of time folks.

Twitter launched ads editor.

Understanding that running an ad campaign can be incredibly time consuming, Twitter is helping to streamline the process with its recent launch of ad editor.

This will allow your business to input critical aspects of your campaign such as your budget, targeting criteria, and your campaign end date into an Excel spreadsheet and upload it to ads editor.

Any necessary changes to the social media marketing campaign can be made in the Excel spreadsheet, which will also update ads editor.

This new enhancement will really help businesses to optimize their social media marketing efforts on Twitter.

As you can see, the social media landscape is constantly changing. To help you stay on top of the latest social media marketing trends, please contact us at LYFE Marketing.

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