Social Media Management for Small Business: 5 Questions for Choosing the Right Agency

The process of finding the right agency to handle social media management for small business is no easy task.

If you select the wrong marketing partner, you’ll likely feel the repercussions long after you dissolve the relationship.

However, if you take the time to carefully screen your social media agency options, you’ll likely end up with a value-added partnership that can take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

Here are 5 questions that you’ll want to ask anyone that claims to specialize in social media management for small business:

1. Do they practice what they preach?

You’ll find that a number of social media marketing agencies promote a service or best practices, but don’t always engage in these activities themselves.

For example, an agency that preaches about the importance of having an active social media presence may have a Facebook page with little to no action.

Any agency that doesn’t practice what it preaches should lose all validity in consumers’ eyes.

Here at LYFE Marketing, we have a combined presence of over 40,000 real followers across our social media channels.

When interviewing prospective candidates, take the time to check out their activity on social media and confirm that they have a business blog before moving forward.

2. Is the work handled in-house?

Surprisingly, while some social media marketing firms claim to be a one-stop shop, they may actually outsource certain aspects of their clients’ marketing efforts (social media management, for example) to others.

Take the time to understand who exactly will be handling social media management for small business at any agency that you are considering.

3. What metrics do they use for reporting?

How will the agency measure the success of your social media marketing strategy?

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a specialist in social media management for business that uses defined metrics to report results.

Examples of such metrics include percentage of website visits from social media over a specified period of time, conversion rates, follower growth, and overall campaign performance.

4. How experienced is the agency with your industry?

Naturally, you’ll want to choose an agency that is experienced (maybe even specialized) in your industry.

To determine this, ask if you can see the agency’s current portfolio of clients.

Also, you may want to to get a ballpark idea of how many clients the agency is working with.

5. What do current clients have to say about their relationship with the agency?

Does the agency have any case studies or client reviews that they would be willing to share with you?

Having access to this information will provide you with a good indication of how your working relationship would be with the prospective agency.

You shouldn’t just trust anyone with social media management for small business. You want to choose an agency that you feel comfortable with and that best understands your vision and overall marketing goals.

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