Social Media Management for Small Business: 4 Tools to Save You Time

Did you know that the average small business spends approximately 6 hours on social media each week (almost the equivalent of a full work day)?

Typically, social media management for small business is handled in-house by the business owner.

This means precious time that should be spent running the business is often dedicated to social media efforts.

Since finding time for social media management for small business is a challenge that most of our clients are faced with, we wanted to share 4 trusted tools to help you streamline social media marketing and be more efficient with your time:

1. Buffer

Want to know the optimal time to post content on social media to earn the most engagement from your followers?

Buffer tracks your follower activity for you and will make you aware of the best times to post on social media.

What’s even better about Buffer is that you can take this information and schedule your social media content in advance across multiple platforms at the optimal times.

This can make it appear as though you are everywhere all the time to your audience.

2. Social Oomph

Social media management for small business can be especially tricky if you have a few different Twitter accounts that you’re trying to manage.

Fortunately, Social Oomph allows you to manage all of these accounts from one central location.

Another way that Social Oomph will help you streamline your social media management for small business strategy is through the ability to track keywords, mentions, and retweets across multiple Twitter accounts.

Social Oomph even includes a URL shortener to help you write stronger tweets as well as enable you to come up with great content ideas through old tweet purging.

3. Friends+Me

Are you a Google+ user?

Many small businesses use Google+ as a resource for improving internal communication and team collaboration.

If your business could benefit from this, you’ll want to check out this social media management for small business tool.

This tool makes it easy to share content across all of your Google+ accounts and other social media channels as well.

Your Google+ connections can also use this tool to create content as well in a more organized fashion.

4. Hootsuite

SMB owners wanting to improve their social media for small business strategies consider Hootsuite to be a trusted listening tool.

Not only can you use this tool to monitor mentions on more than 35 different social media channels, but you can also use Hootsuite to schedule content and receive valuable analytical data to continuously enhance your strategy.

These 4 trusted social media management for small business tools can help you to successfully grow your online presence and allow you to be more intentional with your time that you spend on social media.

Of course, another smart time-saving option is to outsource social media to an agency, and we can help you with that.

Contact us at LYFE Marketing to learn more about how we are creating personalized and effective approach to social media management for small business.