Small Business Website Design: Build Yourself or Hire a Company?

Small business website design is a hot topic for many business owners, and they are faced with the difficult decision as to whether they should build their own website or hire a professional company to handle this critical aspect of marketing for them.

Going the DIY route is obviously more cost effective option, but is it the best choice for your business in the long run?

Since many of our readers are faced with this dilemma, let’s take a moment to weigh the pros and cons of building a website yourself or hiring a company.

Pros of Building Your Own Website

Budget Friendly

SMB owners have access to a number of online resources like Wix that allow you to build your own website for little to no cost. Also, many of these resources also offer free integrated hosting.

No Technical Skills Required

Many of these DIY website builders make it as easy as possible for someone to create a website (for example, no coding skills required).

Very Quick to Create

By using a DIY website builder, you can create a website for your business within minutes, which is very appealing to a business that wants to launch itself online.

Cons of Building Your Own Website

Limited Functionality

If you use a DIY website builder, you are limited to the few plugins that the resource offers.

You’re Stuck With Your DIY Website Unless You Want to Start Fresh

Because hosting is often integrated into DIY website design, you’ll have to start completely fresh (including a new web address) if you decide that your growing business needs a website with more functionality.

Not SEO Friendly

Part of creating a website in the first place is that you want your customers to be able to find you online. However, with DIY website design, the templates that are often used are not SEO friendly, which won’t be helpful in giving your website a boost in search rankings.

Too Generic

When going the DIY route, your small business website design may look too similar to other websites out there, which is not the best branding message that you want to send customers.

Pros of Hiring a Web Design Company

Custom Website Solution

You’ll end up with a website that is unique and custom designed to meet all of your online marketing needs. As your business grows, the role that your website plays will also change, and a professional web design company can proactively make these enhancements to your website for you.

Designed With SEO In Mind

Custom small business website design by a web design company employs the latest SEO techniques, helping to ensure that your website will climb in search rankings.

Access to Expertise from Professional Web Designers

Not only will these professionals custom build your website to meet your company’s current online marketing needs, but the designs used will also be easy to update to accommodate your growing business and changing needs down the road. You also will have access to a design professional if you are to encounter any issues with your website.

Cons of Hiring a Web Design Company

Higher Cost

For a customized website that meets all of your functionality needs, it only makes sense that it will come with a higher cost.

Longer Time Investment to Build

There are a number of factors that a web design company needs to consider for your small business website design, and it can take some time to streamline everything to your business’s purpose and online marketing goals.

As you review this list of pros and cons, we think you’ll agree that the best decision for your business, in the long run, is to partner with a web design company – Better SEO, design, and features.

To learn more about our small business website design service and how we can build a custom solution for your business, please contact us at LYFE Marketing.