Small Business Alert: Instagram Advertising is Coming & 5 Huge Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

In case you haven’t heard, Instagram has recently rolled out advertising to all marketers, which makes it an even more powerful social media platform for targeting mobile users.

The ability to advertise on Instagram was initially launched in November of 2013, but only a few select brands with large advertising budgets were able to take advantage of these services at first. However, it was only a matter of time that Instagram joined the likes of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and let the social media advertising floodgates open to businesses of all sizes.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram, recently shared during its latest earnings report that there are more than 300 million monthly users on Instagram.

It’s been estimated that Instagram advertising services has the potential to bring the company $600 million in ad sales, making this new venture an extremely lucrative one.

In fact, the revenue generated through Instagram advertising services has the potential to easily surpass the ad revenue earned by sites like Twitter and Google.

The fact that Instagram is now rolling out its advertising services to all businesses is huge, and here are 5 reasons why you should be excited about this as a small business owner:

1. Instagram will offer the same ad-targeting tools used by Facebook

It should be said that many business owners and marketers are giddy over the fact that Instagram advertising services will be using the highly coveted ad-targeting tools that they have come to love on Facebook.

This will allow marketers to be more specific and intentional with their campaigns on Instagram by using common data sets like zip code, interests and demographics to more effectively target consumers.

2. You don’t have to go through Instagram directly to schedule advertising

If you’ve used Instagram advertising to market your business in the past, you had to go through Instagram directly and you had to have a sizable advertising budget.

Now that Instagram advertising services are available to businesses large and small and they have a new ads API, advertising on the site can be scheduled on and off Instagram, which is a format similar to how ads are handled on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

3. The introduction of call-to-action buttons

Another frustration with the former version of Instagram advertising services was that there was not a clear place for marketers to include a call-to-action.

Instead, businesses had to copy and paste links from their website to the description area of the images that they shared on Instagram. However, with the recent rollout of Instagram advertising services, this will no longer be the case.

Now, businesses that advertise on Instagram can benefit by including clear call-to-action buttons like “shop now,” “learn more,” and “download now” in their ads.

4. Instagram offers a deep set of analytics for advertisers

Critical metrics such as impressions, reach, and engagement allow businesses to measure the success of their advertising campaigns on Instagram in nearly real time.

Like Facebook, the analytics dashboard that Instagram offers allows marketers to really dig into the demographic information of Instagram users to see how these consumers are interacting with their brands.

5. Instagram users have yet to be inundated with social media advertising

While paid social media advertising has been all the rage on other social networking sites, Instagram users have yet to be inundated with a large number of ads in their feeds.

This means that if your business is an early adopter of using Instagram advertising services, you’ll likely have a higher captive audience on this social media channel.

Considering the images and video shared on Instagram tend to be artsy and creative by nature, it’s absolutely necessary that the ads on Instagram offer this same high-quality creativeness.

If the ads aren’t consistent with the content that users typically see in their Instagram feeds, the social media network is at risk of usage declines.

It will be interesting to see what this influx of Instagram advertising services does for the user experience.

All in all, the rollout of Instagram advertising services for businesses of all sizes is huge as this social networking site offers an enormous amount of untapped opportunity to get your brand in front of this highly engaged audience.

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