The Biggest Oppositions We Get as a Social Media Marketing Agency + Our Responses

Think social media is not necessary for your business to be successful in this day and age? Think again!

Even though 74 percent of online adults use social media, there are still many businesses that feel this marketing channel is not necessary as their customers are not online (or so they think).

In reality, more and more consumers are turning to the internet–specifically social media–to research products and services before making a purchase decision.

As a business owner today, you simply can’t afford to ignore social media as a way to reach your audience.

Despite this, our social media marketing agency still hears opposition from some businesses about launching their brands on social media.

Here are some of the most common objections that our social media marketing agency hears as well as our responses:

“There is no ROI with social media.”

Nielsen recently conducted a study about what drives consumer trust, and 70 percent of respondents said they turn to friends and family for advice when making a purchase decision.

And how do most people communicate today with friends and family?

Social media.

Our social media marketing agency has also found that people trust what their friends and family have to say more than traditional advertising.

With the number of people using social media platforms to convey their trusted recommendations now reaching the billions, the investment in social media should be a no brainer.

Social media is a very powerful tool for building longterm relationships with your customers, but it also offers a number of other benefits, such as greater brand awareness, stronger brand loyalty, increased word-of-mouth, improved understanding of customer needs, and a better and faster way to reach your customers.

All of these advantages make social media a worthwhile investment for your business.

“We don’t want to have to deal with negative online comments.”

The brilliant thing about social media is that no matter what anyone chooses to say about your business, you can show transparency through your posts.

This will allow people to track the conversation as it unfolds so that they can make their own judgement call.

Therefore, assuming that you remain honest, polite, and accommodating in these online conversations, you should have nothing to fear when someone shares something negative about your business on social media.

If your business was not on social media, you may not have had the opportunity to address the disgruntled customer’s issue and retain him or her as a customer.

If you use social media to respond to customers’ issues promptly and sincerely, you’ll likely gain their trust back and build respect for your brand.

“We’re doing just fine without social media.”

Yes, once upon a time we were doing just fine without cell phones, print technology, and the internet.

But imagine how your business would operate today without those items?

If you truly want to succeed, you will always be on the lookout for that next tool to take your business over the top.

Partnering with the right social media marketing agency will give your business a competitive advantage.

“We’ve tried social media–it doesn’t work.”

Patience is key.

So is having the knowledge and skills to make your social media marketing strategy work.

Consider partnering with a social media marketing agency that has a proven track record for successfully growing a business’s online presence.

“We don’t have enough money to spend on social media.”

Consider reducing the amount of money that you spend on other marketing efforts that produce little results and are hard to track.

And, instead of sinking money back into these unproductive platforms AGAIN, reserve this money for advertising via social media.

Relationship capital is certainly not something that you can buy.

It’s something that’s earned over time, and these days, a strong social media marketing strategy is your ticket to relationship capital.

Therefore, your business simply can’t afford to not have an active social media presence.