Instagram Advertising is Available to All Businesses

One topic that is currently creating a lot of buzz in the social media world is the introduction of the Instagram advertising service to businesses of all sizes.

This photo-sharing social media platform first started rolling out its advertising service in November of 2013, but only allowed a few carefully chosen brands with large marketing budgets to participate.

However, as of September 30th, businesses around the world of all sizes and marketing budgets will be able to take advantage of the Instagram advertising service.

We knew this change was coming, especially considering the tremendous success that parent company Facebook has had with its free-for-all advertising service.

Seeing the premium price that brands are willing to pay for social media advertising services, most platforms are now flipping on the monetization switch by creating advertising services.

If your business uses Instagram regularly to market your brand, you’ve likely already noticed a few advertisements popping up in your Instagram newsfeed.

Because this social media platform has historically only allowed a few carefully chosen brands to market with high-quality, artistic images, it will be interesting to see how users respond to the influx of ads that come from the Instagram advertising service being opened up to all businesses.

One big concern that people have about the introduction of the Instagram advertising service to all businesses is if the ¬†quality and unique, creative style of the ads will hold up with what we’ve come to expect from an Instagram ad.

Will these new ads continue to consist of inspiring images with an artsy edge?

Or will Instagram users be forced to look at generic, poor quality images in their newsfeeds with these ads?

Only time will tell.

What Marketers Need to New About the New Instagram Advertising Service

The Max Video Length for Advertisers Will Be Extended to 30 Seconds.

Historically, Instagram has allowed users to share a video of up to 15 seconds.

While this will still hold true for the typical user, those brands using the new Instagram advertising service will be allowed to share up to 30 seconds of video on the social media platform.

This is huge for marketers as they will basically be able to port their television commercials into Instagram ads.

Advertisers Can Now Use Landscape Dimensions.

We’ve come to easily be able to identify Instagram images due to their square shape.

Last month, Instagram began allowing all users to take advantage of landscape and portrait mode, and this option applies to marketers paying for advertising on the social media platform as well.

Instagram Rolled Out Its Carousel Advertising Service.

The goal of Instagram’s carousel advertising service is to allow marketers to “own a moment.”

If you are trying to reach a mass number of Instagram users in a short period of time, you’ll want to give Instagram’s carousel advertising service a try.

This option is ideal if you are about to launch a new product and want big first-day sales.

Instagram’s CTA Buttons Received Enhancements.

Understanding the types of industries that do particularly well on Instagram (travel, entertainment, e-commerce, and retail), Instagram is now offering a wider variety of CTA buttons to help lure businesses in these industries over to the social media site.

Examples of such CTA buttons include “shop now,” “sign up,” “install now,” and “learn more.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the recent enhancements to the Instagram advertising service and how your business can take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us at LYFE Marketing. We are a social media agency that can help you with all of your social media advertising needs.