Instagram Marketing: 4 Brilliant Instagram Posts and Why They Work

There has been a lot of hype about Instagram marketing in recent weeks, likely due to the recent announcement that Instagram will be opening up its advertising services to businesses of all sizes.

While we will be seeing many more ads from businesses on Instagram in the coming weeks, the social media platform has slowly started pushing them out in our news feeds.

Therefore, the content that users are currently seeing from brands in their newsfeeds is fun, interesting, original, and engaging and often offers fans a glimpse into what the brand is all about behind the scenes.

To give you some examples of brands that do Instagram marketing exceptionally well, here are 4 examples of brilliant Instagram posts from our clients and an overview of why they work:

Kimera Koffee

Kimera Koffee brews up the finest high altitude nootropic infused coffee around, and it’s the very first┬ábrand of coffee on the planet that also nourishes your brain.

Kimera Koffee’s┬átagline is to “become the legend,” and it pairs its Instagram marketing strategy with images of real legends, such as mixed martial artist Jake Shields and professional surfer Erica Hosseini.

A photo posted by Kimera Koffee (@kimerakoffee) on

Why it works: Your instagram should be a direct reflection of the brand you want to create. Kimera brings their tagline to life through their Instagram images, such as the one above featuring an American ninja warrior holding up a gorgeous woman with only one hand – while drinking a cup of Kimera Koffee.


For those looking for a natural solution to stimulate hair growth, Re-Gro includes an FDA approved ingredient to encourage hair growth for black women of all cultures.

If you take a look at this brand on Instagram, you’ll see a number of images of healthy, gorgeous long hair that would appeal to anyone considering using Re-Gro.

The Instagram posts that seem to earn the most engagement, however, ask a relevant question to the audience, such as “Is it safe to deep condition over night?” and “When do you have the best hair days?”

Why it works: Questions on pictures stand out more than those in a caption. Take advantage of an app like Phonto to incorporate text into your Instagram images to increase the dialogue with your audience.

Celebrate Relaxed Hair

If you follow Celebrate Relaxed Hair on Instagram, you’ll see that all of the posts are about helping women who choose to wear relaxed hair maintain a healthy hair maintenance routine.

To spike engagement with its posts, Celebrate Relaxed Hair has created the custom hashtag #hairtalktuesday to drive conversation around a relaxed hair related topic that changes from week to week.

If you look back through the history of posts, you’ll see that Celebrate Relaxed Hair is consistent with this Instagram marketing strategy, which allows it to be most effective with creating engagement.

It’s #HairTalkTuesday, ladies! How do you deal with setbacks? Tweet us. #RelaxedHair #HHJ

A photo posted by @celrelaxedhair on

Why it works: Creating a hashtag that is unique to your business allows your community to feel like they are apart of a members-only club. The hashtag is also a prelude to an already understood, open-ended, question that sparks engagement.


The overall intention of ProDuckie is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness with one little greeting card.

Each time the card is sent, it gives twice: once to the person you sent it to and again to the cause that you give to.

Instagram marketing is ideal for this brand as it provides an opportunity to share inspirational messages in an image.

Something that ProDuckie does often (and very effectively) is to use an image to ask a question that gets the audience thinking.

Why it works: “How often do you go out of your way to be kind to strangers?” Not only does a question like this inspire engagement, but it also motivates the target audience to the type of action desired by ProDuckie, such as giving back to a charity of their choice and purchasing a card via ProDuckie.

To learn more about Instagram marketing and tactics that you can embrace to help your brand really stand out, please contact us at LYFE Marketing. We offer an array of social media management services to boost awareness of your brand, drive more traffic to your website, and generate more leads for your business.