How Often Your Business Should Post On Social Media

Since so many small business owners have this question, we thought it would be a worthwhile one to address.

If you’re wondering how often should your business post on social media, the truth is that there is no one right answer.

It trully depends on the type of business you operate, the social media channels that you are using, and how your audience likes to engage on social media.

The great thing about social media marketing, however, is that it’s incredibly easy to track your efforts and make tweaks when necessary.

With so many free analytics tools at your disposal, you can test your posting frequency on various social media sites to determine how often your business should post on social media.

Considering that how often your business should post on social media is a burning question in most small business owners’ minds, there is a lot of data on the web surrounding this hot topic.

Again, while the answer can vary based on a number of factors, we wanted to put together a general reference guide for how often your business should post on social media.

How Often Your Business Should Post On Social Media By Network

Twitter: 3 times a day. Data indicates that any more than 3 tweets per day causes engagement to decline.

Facebook: No more than 2 posts per day. Your Facebook fans will be reluctant to like, comment, or share your content if you areĀ overloading them with status updates.

LinkedIn: 1 post per weekday, or 20 total posts for the month.

Google+: Posting 3 times per day is a good rule of thumb for Google+ users. With this social media site, the more often you post, the more engagement you’ll drive.

Pinterest: At least 5 times per day. Of all the big players in the social media arena, you should post the most on Pinterest.

If you take a look at the top brands on Pinterest, you’ll see that the majority of these businesses achieved phenomenal growth by posting content multiple times a day.

Instagram: 1 post per day. There doesn’t seem to be a decline in engagement if you post more often on Instagram; however, the trick is staying consistent with your postings.

If your business does not have an active presence on all of the social media sites referenced above, don’t worry.

You may find that your audience is not active on all of these sites.

Now that we’ve shared with you some best practices for how often your business should post on social media, we also want to emphasize that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to your postings on social media.

Why Quality of Your Social Media Posts Matter More Than Ever

Many people have dubbed 2015 as the year of quality content over quantity.

Changes in algorithms that rank the content people see in their social media feeds have been made to weed out cheap, poor quality content.

This means that businesses need to find creative ways to deliver informative, valuable, and engaging content. Therefore, don’t get so caught up in how often should your business post on social media.

Instead, understand that the quality of the social media posts that you are offering to your audience is just as important as establishing a regular social media posting schedule.

If the idea of constantly coming up with creative and engaging social media posts is overwhelming to you, you might want to hire a social media management agency.

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