Gym Marketing Ideas: 5 Ways to Give Your Social Media a Lift

Social media has become a very valuable and low-cost tool for gyms and health clubs to not only attract prospective new members, but to also keep their existing members engaged and connected to the club.

Typically, when someone is willing to commit to a gym membership, they are also willing to build a relationship with the club on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

After all, many members do feel a special bond to your gym as it’s often their destination of choice if they’re not at home or at the office.

With that being said, here are 5 gym marketing ideas to help give your social media strategy a lift:

1. Host a social media contest.

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If your fans are already motivated enough to work out on a regular basis, they likely have a competitive drive in them.

Take advantage of this by hosting a social media contest that puts a prize up for grabs for those that participate.

You’ll see your engagement levels on social media soar!

2. Use inspirational images in your social media posts.

One of the most powerful gym marketing ideas is to post inspirational images that establish some type of common ground between your health club and your audience.

If you come across a strong image, consider using a free tool like Phonto to add a few words of inspiration to it.

Not only will this type of content really resonate with your audience, but you’ll find that people will love to share it as well.

3. Share fitness tips.

People that choose to follow your gym on social media are seeking knowledge, expertise, and advice from you.

Your fans don’t want to see a hard-sell on social media; instead, they want value.

You’ll be saying “Oh My Quads” after this: 15 squats, 15 sit ups, 15 second plank. Ready, set, go.

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With this in mind, treat your fans to social media posts that include expert tips for running, weight-lifting, stretching, nutrition, and more.

4. Share healthy recipes.

Visual content involving good does extremely well on social media, and this is mainly because it’s universally enjoyed.

One of the smartest gym marketing ideas is to pair healthy eating with your social media strategy.

You can do this by sharing nutritional recipes with your audience that places value on eating well.

You’ll find that if you share a few good recipes, you’ll earn a base of followers that will regularly visit your social media page to find out what’s cooking next.

5. Highlight employees.

An effective way to build trust with your audience is to shed some light on your employees behind the scenes.

People do business with people, not a brand name or logo, so it’s important that you keep your team front and center.

Take advantage of social media to introduce a trainer or interview an employee.

This will help to humanize your brand and entice both existing and prospective members to want to learn more about your gym.

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