Facebook for Business: Why No One Is Seeing Your Post and How To Fix It

While Facebook is the most widely used social media channel for businesses, it can also be a tricky one to navigate.

That being said, anyone using Facebook for business marketing purposes needs to have a good understanding of EdgeRank, which is Facebook’s famous newsfeed algorithm that determines which articles will be displayed in a user’s feed.

Since 2012, businesses have noticed a dramatic decline in the number of Facebook fans that are actually seeing their brands’ content in their newsfeeds.

In fact, according to one study, an average of only 16 percent of a brand’s Facebook fan base are able to see content from the brand in their newsfeeds.

Sadly, that small fraction has continued to dwindle.

So what is the real reason why your fans are not seeing your Facebook posts?

The answer depends on who you ask.

According to Facebook, there is more content now for businesses to compete with, and its EdgeRank algorithm is designed to only show fans the most high quality, relevant content available.

People who use Facebook for business marketing purposes, however, will tell you the $168 billion social media giant is pushing brands towards paid advertising.

If you’re using Facebook for business marketing and are frustrated that no one is seeing your posts, there are some loop holes that you can take to get your fans to see your content without having to spend a ton of money on advertising.

Here are some Facebook tips that you absolutely need to be taking advantage of:

1. Remind your Facebook fans that they can see more of your content by clicking on the ‘Pages Feed’ option.

This feature is located on the left side bar of the Facebook newsfeed and allows users┬áto see content from the various pages that they ‘like’ on Facebook.

Consider that the average Facebook user ‘likes’ 40 pages, your brand will have some content to compete with; however, encouraging your fans to click on the Pages Feed option will help to ensure that your content is getting in front of your audience.

2. Make your fans aware that they can ‘Get Notifications’ from your Facebook page.

To do this, a Facebook fan must go to your page and click the ‘like’ button for a short drop down menu of options.

On this drop down menu, your fans can click ‘Get Notifications’ so that they will be alerted when new Facebook content from your brand becomes available.

3. Use Facebook Boost Post To Reach Your Facebook Fans.

The tips mentioned above are great, but they still do not guarantee that 100% of your fans will see your post and takes extra work on the part of you fans.

In order to reach maximal exposure, use Facebook boost posts. You can boost most posts you create on your Page, including status updates, photos, videos and offers.

Posts you boost will appear higher in the News Feed to help more people see them and can be done at a very minimal cost.

To get the most ROI from a boosted post be sure to:

1. boost your own content, only
2. boost helpful and value based content
3. boost content that will trigger your desire call-to-action (website clicks, email signups, etc.)

For more Facebook for business tips to grow your following the organic way, be sure to read our recent post that examines organic and paid advertising options on both Facebook and Twitter.

If you feel inclined to diversify your marketing efforts and give some attention to your Facebook business page, please contact us.

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