Entrepreneurs: Here’s the Checklist for a Kick-Ass Monday

Have you ever suffered through a case of the Mondays?

If so, you may need to approach Monday in an entirely new way.

Instead of viewing it as the dreaded workday that follows your weekend, think of Monday as THE day to launch a successful week.

After all, “mon” means mine in French, so as an entrepreneur that wants to get after it, think of Monday as “my day.”

If you really want to knock your Monday out of the park, here is our checklist for a kick-ass Monday:

√ Always have a game plan for your day before it begins.

Before Monday even arrives, you need to have a plan of action to make it be a successful day.

It’s been said that every minute of planning saves 10 minutes of work.

Try to plan as many aspects of your day that you can, from the top priorities on your “to do” list right down to the clothing that you will wear.

√ Begin your morning with a solid workout.

A good workout can have many different meanings depending on who you talk to.

For some, it means knocking out a 5K run.

For others, a workout means meditating and stretching.

This is a great way to work off any sluggishness that you are feeling from the night before, and you’ll find that the extra boost of energy that the workout gives you will put you in a productive mindset.

√ Eat a nutritional breakfast.

Yes, as an entrepreneur, you live a hectic on-the-go lifestyle, which often means that you skip fueling your body with a nutritional breakfast.

Fortunately, there are a number of quick and easy breakfast solutions that you can grab and go, such as a breakfast smoothies and granola bars.

√ Take care of the most important (and difficult) tasks first.

Most people find that they are most productive and focused first thing in the morning.

Therefore, take the opportunity to take are of the most important and difficult tasks on your “to do” list when you are in this mindset.

You will feel a great sense of accomplishment by checking these items off, which will give you motivation to continue to plow through your workday.

√ Approach your work with a sense of urgency.

A common trait that successful entrepreneurs share is to approach their work with a sense of urgency, regardless of the task.

Establish tight timeframes for your work to be completed.

This ties back to approaching your work with a sense of urgency.

All too often, entrepreneurs make the mistake of blocking out too much on their calendars to complete an assignment.

However, if you give yourself less time to accomplish a task, you’ll find that you work faster and more effectively.

Just don’t work too quickly to the point that the quality of your work becomes compromised.

√ Take breaks.

It is absolutely imperative that you schedule breaks throughout your day, ideally every 90 minutes, so that you don’t burn yourself out.

√ Read email in blocks of time.

Yes, it can be incredibly tempting to respond to emails within minutes of receiving them; however, a better use of your time is to establish set blocks of time that you will check your email inbox and write responses.

√ Review your day.

What helped you to be more productive on your Monday and which activities pulled you away from staying focused?

Continue to evaluate your Mondays (and every other day for that matter) to make your day more kick-ass and productive!

What are your tips helping to give your workweek a phenomenal start?

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