Dental Marketing Ideas: Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

Social media has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and the results that it can provide your business make social media a no-brainer.

While you may think that success on social media is limited to those businesses in the retail and entertainment industries, it may be surprising to learn that one industry that earns a lot of engagement on social media is the dental care industry.

To help your dental practice really stand out on social media, here are several creative dental marketing ideas:

Share reviews from satisfied patients.

One commodity that can certainly not be bought is trust.

By sharing reviews from actual patients on your social networking sites like Facebook, you are offering social proof that you operate a respectable and trustworthy business.

Since people crave third party validation, sharing reviews can really help to enhance your dental practice’s reputation and position you as a credible business.

Highlight office celebrations.

One of the more creative dental marketing ideas is to use social media to highlight office celebrations.

This could include an anniversary party for your dental practice, an employee’s birthday, or a party to welcome the addition of a new team member.

Guess whose birthday is today!! ##HappyBirthdayDrMiller #sharethelex #dental #dentist #Lexington #kentucky #beaumontfamilydentistry

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Using social media to share some behind-the-scenes images of these celebrations can help to humanize your dental practice as well as encourage your followers to root for the continued success of your business.

Provide an employee spotlight.

Simply put, people like to do business with people. In the dental industry, there can often be some anxiety surrounding a visit to the dentist.

However, you can use social media to make your patients feel more comfortable about visiting your office by sharing a smiling picture of an employee, information about his or her background and areas of expertise, and personal interests.

This is another great way to humanize your brand and make your practice more relatable to your patients.

Spotlight a patient.

If your patient gives you permission to do so, use social media to share a live moment of your patient in your office before or after a visit.

Again, this can help to make your business more relatable with your audience and offers social proof about the quality of your work.

Share helpful dental hygiene tips.

People frequently turn to social media to find value, and by sharing helpful dental hygiene tips such as the proper technique for flossing, dental care during pregnancy, and how to care for your young child’s teeth, you are addressing relevant topics that your audience is likely searching for.

You’re also delivering real value versus pushing your business on your customers.

Hopefully, these dental marketing ideas will give your social media engagement a welcomed boost.

For more dental marketing ideas and ways to boost engagement on social media, please contact us at LYFE Marketing to learn more about our social media management services.