Benefits of Social Media: There’s A Positive Side to Negative Comments

We recently used our blog to reveal some of the most common objections that businesses have to social media.

Want to know what one of the biggest reasons why some businesses choose to avoid social media altogether?

It’s fear.

Fear of being talked about in a negative light on social media.

While this may sound strange, negative online comments about your brand should actually be categorized as one of the many benefits of social media.

Receiving negative feedback on social media can provide your business with the perfect opportunity to build respect and credibility for your brand, assuming you approach it in a responsive and professional manner.

Here is why you should view negative comments as one of the biggest benefits of social media for your business:

It provides you with an opportunity to talk with customers before they choose to take their business elsewhere.

Most angry customers will choose to take their business elsewhere without even notifying you.

Would you prefer that the customer post their negative comments somewhere else where you have absolutely no way to reply?

So, if someone does take the time to tell you on social media why they had such a horrible experience with your brand, take it as an opportunity to retain that customer.

It positions your brand as transparent.

Many businesses are tempted to immediately delete negative comments on social media in fear of damaging their reputations.

However, deleting negative comments can actually do more harm than good.

People want to do business with trustworthy brands, and one of the most effective ways to build trust is to be transparent.

Because most conversations are out in the open for all to see on social media (one of the major benefits of social media), online networking is a great way to show that your business is transparent.

Promptly and respectfully respond to your customers’ complaints on social media.

This is especially important if your customers have inaccurate information so that assumptions based on the incorrect information does not spread.

Tell your customers how you are going to address their issues, and offer them a way to stay in touch with you while you are addressing the issues.

This will demonstrate to your customers (and others following the comment thread) that you’re not hiding anything and genuinely do want to resolve the issue.

It gives your business an opportunity to earn a positive online review once the issue has been resolved.

Once issues are rectified and customers are satisfied again, one of the great benefits of social media is that your business now has an opportunity to earn positive follow-up online comments and reviews about how you dealt with the situation.

Prospective customers really appreciate seeing “real life” scenarios of what it’s like to deal with your business in the event that an issue occurs.

Having a customer follow up his negative feedback with something positive about your business can build tremendous respect, credibility, and trust for your business.

When possible, try and move negative comments off of social media.

This allows you to show your audience that you actually care but also makes it easier to move the conversation before it escalates.

As you can see, these are just a few reasons why negative comments should actually be viewed as one of the biggest benefits of social media.

That’s not all!

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