5 Social Media Advertising Tips for More Successful Campaigns

If you’ve resisted paying for social media advertising so¬†far, you should know that you’re likely to earn the biggest returns from social media ads in comparison to other forms of paid online advertising.

Of course, not all social media advertising campaigns will give you the results that you want.

If you really want to drive a successful campaign, here are 5 actionable social media advertising tips that will deliver results:

1. Create several variations of the ad.

The great thing about social media is that you can constantly monitor how your content is resonating with your audience and make tweaks when necessary.

Therefore, some of the best social media advertising advice you can get is to create multiple versions of an ad.

To gain the most ROI from your advertising dollars you will want to only run the top performing ad(s).

Luckily, by creating multiple ads that contain variations in copy, images, and CTA’ you’ll be sure to find the ad that works best for your audience – saving you money in the process.

Once you find the ad that is performing the best, turn off the rest and optimize for even better performance.

2. Take advantage of the “Learn More” CTA button on Facebook.

If you’re using Facebook’s ad editor, you’ll know that you have a few CTA buttons to choose from to include in your ad.

Options Include: Apply Now, Book Now, Donate Now, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch More.

As a best practice, always choose one of these buttons.

So is there one CTA button that gets more results than others?

Yes, the “Learn More” button.

There is growing evidence that this button creates the most engagement with social media advertising on Facebook.

3. Create a custom landing page for your social media ad.

Help guide your social media traffic from your ad to convert by creating a custom landing page.

You should think of social media advertising as a two-step process. First you create the ad. Second you create a custom landing page that the ad will direct your audience to.

If your social media ad is highly targeted, your landing page will need to be as well.

As a best practice for creating a custom landing page, make sure it’s mobile friendly, simple/straightforward, and includes a single CTA.

4. Make your price known upfront.

It makes sense that you want your audience to be comfortable with your pricing before clicking through to your landing page.

Sharing your pricing upfront will help to best qualify the traffic that arrives on your landing page.

This also can help to significantly reduce your pay-per-click costs.

5. Use discount promotions.

Customers love getting access to discounts from brands that they follow on social media.

Therefore, simply mention a discount in your social media ad and watch the results roll in.

While your business may have a few huge sales events throughout the year, consider offering this discount through your social media ad when a sale is not going on.

This will make your social media audience feel like they are gaining access to something really exclusive.

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