5 Reasons Every Business (Including Yours) Should Be Blogging

In a world with growing reliance on digital communication, it’s almost unusual to come across a business that does not have a blog.

As an SMB owner, choosing to not have a business blog puts you at a competitive disadvantage.

If you’ve been a little weary about starting a small business blog, here are 5 reasons why every business should be blogging (including yours):

1. Helps to position your business as a thought leader in your industry

Today’s consumers place a growing dependence on the internet as it offers a wealth of information at their fingertips.

In fact, 81 percent of consumers consult the internet to educate themselves before making a purchase decision.

By having a small business blog, you have an opportunity to share valuable and insightful content that will educate your audience about your industry, products, and services.

By regularly delivering quality content that helps your audience, you’ll position your brand as a thought leader in its industry, making yourself the “go to” person for any industry-related needs, questions, or issues.

2. Engages your audience and invites conversation

Aside from using your small business blog to deliver value to your audience, likely another key objective of yours for writing blog content in the first place is to inspire your audience to engage with it.

If you consider that the majority of your readers are lurkers–they silently digest your content–the readers that do actually take the time to write a comment and engage with your brand should be viewed as hot prospects.

Be sure to participate in these online conversations as that will inspire others to jump into the conversation as well.

Embrace the comments that your blog posts generate. Comments can help to strengthen your brand and build a raging community.

3. Boosts SEO

Search engines love blog content.

With a blog, you are constantly creating fresh, new content to be indexed by Google, Yahoo, and the like.

Therefore, having a small business blog that is regularly updated with new content can help your website perform much better with organic search.

Another way that your small business blog can help to boost SEO is if your blog posts earn a lot of comments and shares.

A popular blog that gets a lot of interaction from readers can help your website to secure premium placement in search results.

4. Drives traffic to your website

If you’re regularly creating value-added content, you’re giving your readers a good reason to want to visit your website.

Having an active blog is also a strong indication that your business is alive and well, which could inspire a prospective customer to want to know more about your business.

The more content that you publish, the more opportunity that you are creating for your business to drive relevant traffic that earns you form submissions, email opt-ins, and ultimately conversions.

5. Humanizes your brand.

Perhaps the most powerful way to show the human side of your business is through a blog post.

Your small business blog is the ideal way to discuss issues and concerns that are important to your audience while also conveying your passion for what you do.

Use your business blog to show off your brand’s personality, build trust with your audience, and make your brand more likable.

Small business blogging is a time commitment, but the results that blogging will bring you make it well worth it.

If you don’t currently have the manpower to maintain a quality small business blog, please contact us at LYFE Marketing.

We have the skills and resources to optimize your content to appeal to both your audience and search engines, which will help your business to yield positive results.