5 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Experts

If you’re currently managing your own brand’s social media presence, you know that it’s not always a walk in the park.

Aside from needing to have certain technical skills and staying up-to-date with a social media landscape that is constantly changing, it’s absolutely imperative that you continue to find creative ways to engage your audience.

And, understanding the importance of establishing a regular social media posting schedule, you need to find a system to keep you accountable to regularly sharing new content.

Considering everything that is required for your business to have a successful online presence, many small business owners are turning to social media experts for help.

Of course, not all social media experts are created equally. To help you choose the right partner to handle this critical aspect of marketing for your business, here are 5 habits of highly effective social media experts:

1. They know what it takes to engage an audience.

The best social media experts are well-versed in what it takes to engage an audience.

They understand that serving up a variety of content (text, video, images, infographics, etc) will keep an audience interested and coming back for more.

Effective social media experts are also skilled at building personal relationships. They should know how to engage one-on-one with a consumer of your brand and turn that into sales and engagement.

2. They understand the difference between all social media platforms.

No two social media platforms are created equal.

Therefore, different social media platforms contain different demographics and an effective social media expert will know what platforms are best for your business and will create a strategy that is platform specific.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they need to be on all social platforms available. In fact, it is better to focus on the platforms that will generate the greatest ROI for your business.

3. They understand your end goal for using social media.

The end goal when using social media can vary from business to business.

Some businesses owners will only care about awareness and need to grow a following and a community of advocates as quickly as possible.

Others might only care about sales and therefore, could care less about how many “likes” they have on Facebook as long as social media is increasing revenue.

Each specific end goal needs a specific strategy and an effective social media expert is able to develop a strategy to meet your goals, as well as the knowledge to execute.

4. They continue to learn new ways to enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Good social media experts should be committed to continuing to learn new techniques and ways to enhance your organization’s social media marketing experts.

By regularly attending social media marketing seminars, your social media expert can keep a good gauge on what the industry is doing and be a thought leader in this important aspect of marketing for your business.

5. They know how to analyze and interpret data correctly.

Social media provides an overwhelming amount of rich analytical data to marketers, and social media specialists need to know which metrics are the most important for your business to focus on.

For example, social media experts would recommend that you test out different types of posts and ads to let the data determine what type is the most effective and what target audience responds the best.

This allows the expert to optimize and scale only the best content to those who are more likely to engage and convert.

If you are considering adding a social media specialist to your team, please download our free social media strategy Ebook.

This informative guide contains some valuable tips that will help you screen your candidate pool of social media experts to help you to select a partner that best fits with your social media strategy.