5 Habits of Highly Effective Website Designers

Many businesses contemplate the decision to build their own websites or use a professional website design services agency to build the site for them.

We recently weighed the pros and cons of hiring a website design services team or building a website on your own.

For those looking for a custom website solution that is designed with SEO in mind, the consensus is to go with a website design services agency.

So what makes website design services so effective? The team of skilled and qualified website designers that make up the agency.

It’s important to note, however, that not all website designers are created equally.

There are 3 basic types of website designers: excellent, typical, and poor.

Ultimately, your goal should be to seek out an excellent website designer with good business sense and outstanding design skills.

But how do you distinguish an excellent website designer from one that is typical or poor?

Here are 5 habits of highly effective website designers to help you make this determination:

1. They ask what you want to achieve with your website design.

The typical website designer will just build a website for visitors.

An excellent website designer will want to know how you intend to use your website so that this functionality can be built into the design.

Your designer should ask you to fill out an assesment that will detail your business and the features you would like for your new site.

2. They are not order takers.

Mediocre website designers will just take your order verbatim and build a website.

However, when you’re paying for website design services, you’re paying for the expertise of website designers.

Therefore, they may have a better and more effective solution for what you want to accomplish.

The best website designers will propose solutions to you that will help your website to continue to be successful in the long run.

3. They show you a rough draft or two.

Effective website designers will show you rough drafts of your site as they progress.

This will allow you and the designer to save critical time on edits, as you will already have an idea of the design and where you’d like things to go.

4. They understand marketing.

Even if you agree that you have a fantastic website design, your audience may not agree.

It is important that your web designer understands what needs to be included in your web design to get people to take action.

Headlines, call-to-actions, graphics, and colors all play a crucial role in the success of your website; your web desiner should know how to make good use of each.

5. They provide phenomenal customer service.

A major perk to paying for website design services is that you have access to responsive website designers for any relevant needs that you encounter.

Your website designer should go above and beyond your expectations and realize that maintaining a positive working relationship with your business is key.

You should have a realistic timeline for when you will hear from your web designer and what deliverables to expect.

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