5 Convincing Reasons You Should Stop Using Wix and Start Using WordPress for Your Website

If you’re currently exploring your options for small business website design,¬†you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about Wix and WordPress.

Both platforms have their own set of pros and cons; however, as you are debating Wix vs WordPress, we strongly encourage you to go the WordPress route.

When you look at Wix vs WordPress, here are 5 convincing reasons to stop using Wix and start using WordPress:

1. WordPress offers more template options.

Currently, WordPress offers more than 5000 different themes to choose from, and many of these are free.

Premium WordPress themes generally range from $50 to $100.

You have the ability to choose from a wide variety of column layouts and magazine layouts, and topics are all over the board, from personal sites to professional services.

And, once you select your theme, you do have the ability to change it down the road if desired.

With Wix, you are more limited with your template choices as there are currently 529 to choose from.

While all of these templates are free, you still don’t have access to the enormous themes directory that WordPress offers.

Also, it should be noted that once you select your template, Wix will not allow you to change to a different template.

2. WordPress is SEO friendly.

From the ground up, WordPress has been designed to comply with Google’s algorithms.

This allows WordPress domains to be easily indexed by Google, which can contribute to  increased visibility on a search engine results page when people search for relevant keywords for your business or industry.

This is why SEO specialists have come to love and appreciate WordPress.

3. WordPress offers more plug-ins.

When comparing Wix vs WordPress, an obvious difference that you will immediately notice is that WordPress offers significantly more plugins.

This is because WordPress is an open source platform, which means the code is open to everybody that wants to use it and make modifications.

Currently, there are more than 37,000 WordPress plugins that your business can choose from when building a website.

4. WordPress can better accommodate a team of contributors.

An effective strategy to keep the content on your website interesting and fresh is to allow multiple team members to contribute to your content plan.

WordPress is the ideal platform for this as it can easily support multiple users, and your business can manage their level of access on the backend.

Wix, however, is pretty much a one-man show, although they are working to allow other authors’ names to appear on posts.

5. WordPress sites are built for long-term growth.

What makes WordPress so attractive to business owners is that you have complete control over your website.

You have no restrictions on the way that you use the software, and you can choose to host your website wherever you would like.

As your business grows, you can make modifications to your website to best accommodate this growth and needed functionality.

So, when weighing the pros and cons of Wix vs WordPress, you can see why WordPress is the most popular platform to use.

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