5 Awesome Tips to Advertise Like a Social Media Advertising Agency

Have you recently launched your brand on social media but are having a difficult time wrapping your hands around creating a successful social media advertising strategy?

If so, you’re not alone.

Knowing how to choose the right social media channels for your business, the types of content that you should be sharing, and finding the time to manage social media advertising campaigns are major obstacles that most businesses are faced with.

Even though you might not be a social media advertising agency, you can still run your marketing strategy as if you were one.

Here are 5 awesome tips to help your business advertise like a social media marketing agency:

1. Create multiple ads.

If you’re only running one social media advertisement at a time, you run the risk of creating ad fatigue and paying more than you have to because you have tested your images and copy to see what your audience responds best to.

A good social media marketing agency will create multiple ads for a campaign, which will allow you to more effectively captivate your audience and maintain their attention.

2. Include a call-to-action in the copy.

Surprisingly, there are a number of businesses that neglect to include calls-to-action in their social media advertisements.

If you want to provoke your audience to take some type of action with your advertisement, you need to spell it out for them.

Another important reason why you should include calls-to-action in your social media advertisements is that they can help you track your conversions.

You’ll know which offers were the most appealing to your targeted audience, which can help you continue to enhance your social media advertising strategy down the road.

3. Analyze the right metrics.

Understanding that finding the right metrics to track your social media success is a daunting task, our social media advertising agency recently shared 9 metrics that you should absolutely be watching.

By outlining your social media advertising goals and what you hope to accomplish, you can best align the right metrics with your advertising strategy.

If you’re wondering whether you’re currently using the right metrics, ask yourself if each metric used is really helping you to make decisions.

If the metric is offering your business little value, don’t spend your time analyzing it.

4. Advertise to your email list and website visitors.

You’ve taken the time to build relevant website traffic and an email marketing list, right?

So use this to your advantage!

By targeting your social media ads towards people that have already engaged with your brand via social media or your website, you will have a much higher click-through rate and conversion rate.

5. Take advantage of Google retargeting.

We’ve talked a little bit about retargeting, which is an effective tactic that our social media advertising agency uses.

Surprisingly, 95 percent of website visitors don’t convert during their first visit.

However, with retargeting, you have a chance to keep your brand in front of this audience that has already expressed an interest in your business by visiting your website.

You can target your social media advertisements to be seen only by those that have visited your website in the past, which often results in a higher conversion rate.

For more social media advertising best practices, please contact our social media advertising agency.