3 Social Media Tips to Steal From Big Brands

When was the last time that you browsed through the list of the top brands on social media?

Of course, big brands like Starbucks, Disney, and MTV seem to have a permanent place on this list.

Check this list out to learn what these major brands are doing right on social media.

This is a great way to learn which tactics are working especially well for these brands so that you can steal them for your own small business marketing plan!

We, too, frequently look to the big brands to see which social media practices are working (and which aren’t) to engage, monetize, and convert online fans and followers.

After our latest review of this list, here are 3 social media tips that you should absolutely steal from big brands:

1. Sharpie: Using Highly Visual Content

While this popular brand is known for its permanent markers, it has positioned itself as a social media rockstar with its frequent use of highly visual content.

Sharpie seems to really understand the importance of sharing visual content on social media to engage an audience and actually employs an in-house team to create striking Sharpie-drawn designs and regularly share them on social media.

While Sharpie has approximately 4 million fans on Facebook and a considerable following on Twitter, the brand has really embraced the use of Instagram as this social media site offers a more artsy vibe and is all about sharing visual content.

Sharpie could easily have been viewed as a boring brand that makes office supplies; however, with the incredibly creative designs made with Sharpie products that the brand regularly shares on social media, Sharpie has found a way to position itself as “cool” and earn a huge social media following.

2. Starbucks: Putting the Customer First

Starbucks has been wildly successful with its Facebook marketing strategy.

So what is this brand doing right?

If you take a look at Starbucks’ Facebook page, you’ll see that the brand’s strategy is all about putting the customer first.

It’s very rare that you would ever come across a post that is promotional in nature (note that one of the most common small business marketing mistakes is turning social media posts into sales pitches).

The majority of the posts are from their fans talking about their experiences with the brand and why they love Starbucks coffee.

To make it even more interactive, fans can also use the Facebook page to easily re-load a Starbucks gift card or participate in an interactive consumer poll that shares fans’ feedback about their latest encounter with Starbucks.

By putting their fans first, Starbucks has done a fantastic job at cultivating a strong online community.

3. Publix: Offering Value By Showing, Not Telling

If you live anywhere within the Southeast, you’ll know that Publix is a supermarket chain without having to go to the brand’s website.

In regards to marketing, what Publix does really well is show how consumers can use its products, not tell what the brand is all about.

Much of the content shared on social media is focused on the Publix Simple Meal recipe program, which shares easy recipes to help the brand’s audience enjoy healthy meals without having to invest too much time.

By doing this, Publix is able to deliver significant value to its audience and make their lives easier.

As you can see, these are 3 critical lessons that you can incorporate into your small business marketing plan today to really generate some results from your social media marketing efforts.

For additional small business marketing tips, please be sure to download our free e-book which shares our exclusive formula for achieving a successful social media presence for our clients.

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