3 Small Businesses That Crush Their Competition on Facebook


Did you know that 96 percent of brands use Facebook for small business marketing? While it’s rare to find a business these days that does not have a Facebook presence, it certainly doesn’t mean that every business is dominating Facebook marketing.

In fact, the majority of small business owners are not using Facebook to its fullest potential and therefore are missing many of the benefits that social media has to offer.

There are, however, a few small businesses that really stand out on Facebook and blow their competition away.

We’d like to take a moment to highlight 3 brands that have really mastered Facebook for small business. As you read through these examples, you’ll notice that these 3 companies share 1 commonality: they are highly engaged with their audience.

1. Stella & Dot

While still a fairly new company, Stella & Dot combines the powers of e-commerce, social media, and personal service to sell boutique-style jewelry.

You can certainly say that this brand has embraced Facebook for small business as it has become a huge component of its success.

Secret To Success

Stella & Dot makes multiple Facebook posts each day that share tips about how to wear the jewelry as well as images of celebrities loving their latest Stella & Dot purchases.

The business also capitalizes on user-generated content as fans are always eager to share their own ways to be stylish with Stella & Dot jewelry on the brand’s Facebook page.

2. Threadless

Threadless is a perfect example to refer to for anyone looking for inspiration for how to be successful with Facebook for small business.

The company is a purveyor of graphic t-shirts and works with a network of designers that submit their creations to Threadless to be voted on by the brand’s community before being added to the collection.

Secret To Success

Threadless uses its Facebook page to serve as a fashion show before making a final decision about a design.

As a result, the Facebook page for Threadless gets thousands of fans sharing their design links in hope of earning votes and eventually having their design get picked by Threadless.

3. Celebrate Relaxed Hair

Let’s give some kudos to another small business that does Facebook marketing extremely well.

The brand’s Facebook page is dedicated to sharing information about how to care for relaxed hair and frequently offers tips such as incorporating flaxseed oil to your hair care regimen or the benefits of oil rinsing.

While this information certainly helps to deliver value to the brand’s audience, much of the engagement that Celebrate Relaxed Hair receives on its Facebook page is from customers that choose to share their own hair photos.

View Celebarte Relaxed Hair’s Success Story

Secret To Success

Let’s face it.

Everyone loves a good selfie these days, and Celebrate Relaxed Hair is taking advantage of this trend.

Not only does Celebrate Relaxed Hair’s Facebook for small business marketing strategy help to make its customers feel more connected to the brand, but it’s also serving as a powerful source for customer testimonials.

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